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Postcards From The Future

How well are nations preparing their young people for the future? In the face of unprecedented challenges, it’s fascinating to see how education debates, and government policies differ around the world. I’m fortunate enough to be able to work in a number of countries and, as I’ve been editing a book* specifically dealing with this issue, it’s very much at the forefront of my thinking.   But I’m far from alone: the film Most Likely To Succeed; the XQ Super School movement; the Richard Branson funded project – these are just a handful of examples,  where serious thought is …

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Book Review: Valerie Hannon’s ‘Thrive’

A question not discussed often enough in school staffrooms is ‘what are we all doing here?’ The purpose of schooling is one of those rarely-visited assumptions: we all think we share the same mission but, on closer examination, those assumptions can frequently differ widely. In Valerie Hannon’s* new book, Thrive: Schools Reinvented For The Real Challenges We Face the case is powerfully made that the point of schools is to create thriving societies: “education has to be about learning to thrive in a transformative world.” In the following 150 pages she takes the broadest of overviews, forensically analysing the scale …

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“Our youth have sussed the truth, and they will not be crossed again.”

“Look at me – I’ve got youth on my side!” – That’s how Jeremy Corbyn responded to a question on his long-term intentions on TV this morning, following the sensational turnaround in Labour’s 2017 UK general election. I don’t know if it was a planned remark, but it was brilliant in its reflection on the energy that surrounded Labour’s leader through the final weeks of the campaign, and, more significantly, pointing to the  seismic shift that took place in this election. It’s a shift that should make every political strategist (and educator) rethink their prejudices. Because what we saw in …

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