Vega Schools, India


Reinventing Learning For The 21st Century

We’ve been closely involved in the establishment of a new model of schooling in India. Vega Schools have been set up by their founder, Sandeep Hooda with an imperative to ensure that ‘all students have a burning desire to learn, excel and succeed.’ The first school – Vega 1 – will be a primary school in Gurgaon, on the outskirts of New Delhi. It will open in 2016, with  radical curricular and pedagogical approaches. Project-based learning features heavily, as well as values and global perspectives – Vega is also helping to establish a global alliance of like-minded schools, so that students can work collaboratively across countries.

Our brief has been to work with Vega’s team in getting from inception to implementation. We spent an intensive week with them, mapping out the design principles and the key professional learning milestones (Vega is committed to supporting transformation of learning, not just in their own schools, but for the good of the education system as a whole.

We’re very excited about this initiative: India has a long tradition of radical thought in education (as seen in Sri AurobindoRabindranath Tagore and others) and Vega is part of that tradition, re-cast in the light of the 21st century. David is now on Vega’s Advisory Board, so we  look forward to seeing Vega grow and influence still further.

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