10 Examples of Culture Shock in pre-Olympic Britain

I’ve been back in the UK for little more than a week, following a 6 month sabbatical in Australia. It all feels rather different to the place I left last October, so I thought I’d share some reflections, while I still have the perspective of the outsider: 1. What kind of a country is it that can be in drought, and experience flood conditions, at the same time? 2. That nice Mr Gove seems awfully chummy with the Murdochs. I know who to call if I ever fall foul of the Sun King…. 3. I go away when the economy seems …

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Social Media & The Invisible Children in the Global Learning Commons

See the full gallery on Posterous I don’t know about you but I often see lunchtime as the place where I can catch up on all the social media stuff that might be interesting. Well, actually, I suppose I can spend a great deal more than a lunchtime doing that, but I guess I’m not alone in that. Because I’m having my lunch, I’m usually looking for something lighthearted, nothing too taxing on the digestive system. Today, however was different. As I clicked on a fairly random link, I had no idea I was going to be an emotional wreck, …

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A Public Apology To British Youth

To all under-25s: Like many others of my age ( old, you don’t need to know the specifics), I was deeply depressed to read this week that almost half of adults in the UK think that you are ‘becoming feral’ and almost half see you as ‘violent and starting to behave like animals’. You have to forgive us. You see, when you get older, you get more reactionary (this might even happen to you, strange as it seems now). So, when all  of us, saw some of  you (albeit it, a tiny minority), behaving badly  during the summer riots, we over-reacted. …

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