Don’t Like The EBac? Develop Your Own!


Archbishop Sentanu Academy in Hull has demonstrated boldness in its response to the EBac, and also offers an intriguing alternative strategy for schools – make your own.

Having publicly deplored the narrowness of the Ebac, the academy has a proposed set of Baccalaureates – essentially a series of wrap-arounds of existing GCSEs, Btecs and other qualifications – which set out to achieve a breath of opportunities and experiences, no doubt inspired by the International Baccalaureate, but sadly lacking in our national version.

Based upon a core qualification of an Ebac (with the addition of ICT and Enterprise) it can then be tailored to not only the student’s strengths and interests, but also to what universities and employers might be looking for: Arts, Business, Classics, Humanities, Sports, Technology, etc.

What if hundreds of schools adopted this strategy? If they developed their own permutations, the result would surely be chaos, and lack of ‘currency’ for the qualifications. But if more schools adopted this suite of baccalaureates it might gain an irresistible momentum.

Sentanu’s curriculum has already received the backing of the Curriculum Foundation, so it offers a glimpse of the self-determination of academies that our Secretary of State for Education so much wanted. It’ll be interesting to see his response to the ‘Sentanu Suite’.

In the meantime, I’d urge other schools to take a look at the proposed baccalaureates. You can see them here.

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