Getting All Emotional

It’s a relief to be missing the worst of an unusually brutal English winter. I’m currently in Greater Los Angeles, (and it’s predictably sunny) where I’ve been speaking at the NAMM Trade Show. I gave a talk about Innovating in a Recession, and in particular, about the growing importance of ‘Emotional Capital’. The two very differing examples I cited have both been in the news this week: Google, lost quite a bit of their Emotional Capital (though admittedly from a veritable mountain of the stuff) when they allowed the Chinese to censor their search engine, but this week’s news that they are considering pulling out of China altogether, may have significant financial implications, but they will certainly replenish the stocks of customer emotional loyalty. The other example is of someone who is well on the way to creating a highly effective business, built almost entirely on the back of emotional capital. Lauren Luke is the so-called YouTube phenomenon who is currently touring the US, promoting her range of cosmetics, with Sephora. I’m no expert, but it seems to me that one eye-liner is pretty much the same as another. Nor would she claim to have particular expertise in applying the stuff. People are buying her range, because of her story, and her endearing appeal, as we see in this clip. It’s one of those genuine single mother overcomes adversity stories we all love. In Lauren’s case, the state of her wealth is going to be directly related to her ability to retain that well of emotional capital, so let’s hope she doesn’t let it all go to her head.

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