Going Down To The Wire

This morning’s post triggered some mixed emotions. The final 2-hour episode of The Wire (Series Five) arrived, and I’m excited about


watching it

, but at a loss for what I’ll do when the climax to over 60 hours of enthralled TV watching is over. Probably go back to the very first one and start the whole thing all over. I’d like to stress that I don’t watch much goggle-box, so this has been an exceptional experience for me – and many ‘Wiries’ around the world. But it’s a measure of how good this cop-drama has been that forum chat is full of ‘Creme Egg’ discussions (‘how do you like to watch your final episode?’). I’d share some of them with you, but they’re full of spoilers (here‘s one of the rare spoiler-free, examples).

Indeed avoiding spoilers has been my Christmas pastime, since the papers have lauded it in their year-end retrospectives.Thank you, Guardian guide, for alerting me to the demise of my favourite character. But, even though I knew it was coming, it still shocked when it happened. If you haven’t yet come across it, thanks to none of the terrrestials signing it, (how stupid was that?) you have to order the DVDs. But fifteen-quid gets you Series One from Amazon. £90 gets you the whole sixty episodes. Trust me, you won’t find better writing and acting anywhere – but keep that finger on that sub-titles button!

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