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An Open Letter To David Cameron On Forced Academisation

Dear Prime Minister, I’ve just seen your performance at today’s Prime Minister’s Questions where you defended the government’s decision to force all schools to become academies. I notice you didn’t say that all schools will be forced to join multi-academy trusts (MATs) – a subtle but important distinction. As you know, there is considerable concern that  the education white paper’s reference to MATs – effectively abolishing single school academies – smacks of ‘pre-privatisation’ and will usher in the march of the robber barons, existing chains becoming rapidly larger, and mergers happening to ensure that there are a manageable number of …

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Learning Beyond The Riots

I’m back at the High Tech High schools in San Diego this week and once again, within minutes of walking into the place, I’m moved when looking at student work (which is on display everywhere at HTH). I suspect that the timing has a lot to do with it. My last post – about the wider role of education in England after the riots – seemed to touch a nerve with people. My post held out the hope that, following the riots, we could move towards a curriculum which would engender a more compassionate civic society, and not just a …

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