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Postcard From The Future #3: New Roads, Urban Discovery Academy and Ideate High Academy

Days 4 & 5 of our study tour of future-focused schools took in three very different schools (for details of previous schools visited, see the last blog post). Our first stop was New Roads School, a K-12 school, in Santa Monica. As the inspirational Principal Luthern Williams explained, New Roads is unique: an independent school entirely committed to social equity. In practice, this means that parents who can afford their fees know that 50% of those fees enable kids from under-privileged areas of Los Angeles to attend. You might think with such a disparity of backgrounds there’d be two distinct …

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The Death Of The Dissertation?

I’m supposed to be a learning futurist, so allow me to make a prediction: within 10 years the university dissertation will be dead. Its death will be greeted with relief by academics who are currently turning a blind eye to the rising trend of ‘outsourcing’ of dissertations and essay writing. We’ve got a perfect storm of circumstances which leads me to think that dissertations will be totally discredited over the next decade: the rise in online courses making it harder to be found out; increased pressure upon universities to accept – and retain – more international students; and a glut …

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Why Going Open Is Inevitable

The central argument of my new book, OPEN: How We’ll Work, Live And Learn In The Future, is that the same forces that have seen a revolution in how we interact with each other socially, will force us to change every aspect of how we do business. It’s not a question of if we go open, but when, and how quickly we can adapt to it. Organisations are seeing record levels of disengagement – fewer than 11% of us say we are engaged in our work. This waste of human potential has dramatic financial consequences too: disengagement comes at an …

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