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“Our youth have sussed the truth, and they will not be crossed again.”

“Look at me – I’ve got youth on my side!” – That’s how Jeremy Corbyn responded to a question on his long-term intentions on TV this morning, following the sensational turnaround in Labour’s 2017 UK general election. I don’t know if it was a planned remark, but it was brilliant in its reflection on the energy that surrounded Labour’s leader through the final weeks of the campaign, and, more significantly, pointing to the  seismic shift that took place in this election. It’s a shift that should make every political strategist (and educator) rethink their prejudices. Because what we saw in …

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School as Enclosure: Coming To A School Near You

“Schools should teach everything that anyone is interested in learning.”     John Dewey There was an interesting piece in today’s Education Guardian on what I’ve always felt was an ill-informed and potentially disastrous policy that the previous Labour Government put in place, and is due to come into effect in a couple of years: raising the compulsory ‘participation’ age of young people in school, or vocational training, to age 18. Economists from Lancaster University have studied the impact of raising the age of compusory attendance (most notably in Spain) and they’re predicting increased stress on teachers, leading to a sharp …

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A ‘Need To Know’ Basis?

I’m taking part, in a couple of weeks, in a conference organised by the Innovation Unit and Guardian Innovation in Education‘. The Innovation Unit are key partners in the Learning Futures project that I’m leading, so I’m confident it’ll be a good’un. There’s a great list of speakers that I’m looking forward to hearing, none more than David (Lord) Puttnam who, in my book, epitomises integrity. And he’s always challenging. This time he’ll be talking about ‘the opportunities in a future that is knowledge based and the skills required to remain competitive in the 21st century.’ I’ve written elsewhere on …

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