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Lies, Damn Lies, And Conscious Misrepresentation of Evidence

An earlier post of mine, on ‘what counts as evidence’, generated a healthy debate, and I thought I could leave the thorny problem of ‘what works’ in education for a while. Maybe lighten the mood with a blog about the all-out assault on the judiciary in post-Brexit Britain, or what’s an appropriate response to a Donald Trump presidency, something like that. But the ‘evidence’ issue reared its contentious head again yesterday, November 4th, so The Donald might have to wait. The flashpoint was the publishing of a report by the Educational Endowment Foundation (the UK equivalent of America’s What Works …

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Google’s Game Changer For Students

I’ve just spent the afternoon trying out Google’s latest experiment from their Google Labs: ‘Google Factoid’ is set to be the best (or worst, depending on your viewpoint) writer’s aid ever seen. I should say that not everyone can access it yet – one of the perks of having a grand total of 5 shares in the company (hey, they’re expensive) is that I get a sneak peak into the hidden corners of the Google Lab – but the Beta version is due to be released imminently. I guess we should have seen it coming: marry the search capability that …

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