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Book Review: Valerie Hannon’s ‘Thrive’

A question not discussed often enough in school staffrooms is ‘what are we all doing here?’ The purpose of schooling is one of those rarely-visited assumptions: we all think we share the same mission but, on closer examination, those assumptions can frequently differ widely. In Valerie Hannon’s* new book, Thrive: Schools Reinvented For The Real Challenges We Face the case is powerfully made that the point of schools is to create thriving societies: “education has to be about learning to thrive in a transformative world.” In the following 150 pages she takes the broadest of overviews, forensically analysing the scale …

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Is It Time For A Different Story?

  “It is not what you put into the child, but what you draw out that constitutes education.” BH Montgomery Head, King Alfred School 1945-1962 This has been one of those weeks that I suspect I’ll remember for a very long time. A week ago, I was giving a keynote at King Alfred School, in London. The school is an independent school and, if I’m being completely honest, not one that I would have spoken at in the past. I’m so glad I decided to accept the invitation to speak there. The occasion was the Annual Conference of the King …

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Meerkats, Ostriches & The New Learning Ecosystem

Today marked the last day of my trip to Australia. As ever, it’s been a great visit, full of learning opportunities. It’s varied from delivering project-based learning training in schools, to talking to parents about their kids’ work prospects, to the Learning Frontiers programme with AITSL. This morning I was asked to talk to an education leaders circle, sponsored by Telstra and expertly facilitated by Tony MacKay. My job was to set  the context for transforming education, not incrementally improving it. This is the gist of what I said: The quest for the silver bullet in education (as evidenced in …

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