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Lies, Damn Lies, And Conscious Misrepresentation of Evidence

An earlier post of mine, on ‘what counts as evidence’, generated a healthy debate, and I thought I could leave the thorny problem of ‘what works’ in education for a while. Maybe lighten the mood with a blog about the all-out assault on the judiciary in post-Brexit Britain, or what’s an appropriate response to a Donald Trump presidency, something like that. But the ‘evidence’ issue reared its contentious head again yesterday, November 4th, so The Donald might have to wait. The flashpoint was the publishing of a report by the Educational Endowment Foundation (the UK equivalent of America’s What Works …

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6 Steps To Planning Successful Projects

I put together an infographic which boils the planning needed to create REAL (rigorous, engaging, authentic, learning) projects for your students, down to six steps, together with some options and approaches you might want to think about. Let me know how to build on it/improve it. Just bear in mind it’s already at the point of superfluity (is that a word?) with regard to the amount of text used!

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The 8 Ps of Great Projects?

If you’ve followed this blog, or the Learning Futures project, you’ll know that I’m passionate about what I call the four Ps of Engaged Learning. I’d argue that learning only really engages students when it’s either placed, purposeful, pervasive, or passion-led – ideally all four should be present. Yesterday, in the search for examples of great projects, I travelled up to see the presentations from Cramlington Learning Village’s ‘Challenge Fortnight’. This is a great event. For two weeks (formerly just one) the whole school ‘suspends’ the timetable, and encourages students to select from a smorgasbord of challenges, presenting their findings, …

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