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Do Tory Chumps Trump Trump?

Not since the publication of the first Harry Potter novel has there been a response to a book (yes, a book!) as we’ve witnessed with the publication of ‘Fire and Fury’, by Michael Wolff. Its anecdotes and rumours will give satirists abundant material with which to poke the hapless leader of the free world. But, while we laugh along with Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, we in the UK should remember two things: 1. Without Brexit, we would probably not have seen The Donald in the White House; 2. Our own administration has been behaving in a remarkably Trumpian fashion …

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“Our youth have sussed the truth, and they will not be crossed again.”

“Look at me – I’ve got youth on my side!” – That’s how Jeremy Corbyn responded to a question on his long-term intentions on TV this morning, following the sensational turnaround in Labour’s 2017 UK general election. I don’t know if it was a planned remark, but it was brilliant in its reflection on the energy that surrounded Labour’s leader through the final weeks of the campaign, and, more significantly, pointing to the  seismic shift that took place in this election. It’s a shift that should make every political strategist (and educator) rethink their prejudices. Because what we saw in …

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