The ‘Greying’ of Facebook


Whenever I give talks, I always ask for a show of hands of Facebook users. A couple of years ago, it was usually around 50% of attendees, almost all under 40. More recently, those figures are up to around 75%, with a noticeable presence of, well, shall we say more senior members? So, I wasn’t surprised at all to see this nevertheless significant factoid of Facebook devotees in the US: there are now more 55+ yr old members than high school kids. 0-25 yr old numbers are now matched by 35 yr old and upwards.

Do you remember when you were young and by the time you got to a party all the good -looking girls had gone? This must be a tad worrying for Facebook – there’s been a 16% and 21% drop in high school and college students, more than balanced out by a 500% increase in 55+ yr olds!

I’m just off to join the pensionbook group ‘I like to stop suddenly in the street’…..

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