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Here’s a good reason for buying the Guardian this Saturday 28th November  (as if you needed one). Given away free with the paper will be a DVD of probably the first serious  feature-length movie about education in decades. It’s the product of a collaboration between Lord David Puttnam (ex-film producer and now one of the most knowledgeable men in education since his change of career) and Sir Michael Barber.

I haven’t personally seen it yet, of course, but the trailer promises a serious ‘inconvenient truth’ applied to education. And David Puttnam is integrity personified. The PR company promoting the film  state:  Lord Puttnam) :  ‘ “We need to provide all of our young people with an education that motivates them to learn, and enables them to discover what they are good at. ‘We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting For’ is intended to act as nothing less than a wake-up call.”

By exploring some of the more innovative approaches to education around the world, the film offers a glimpse of the future. It shows how much more flexible, exciting and engaging learning could be for young people – and how our education system could support them in identifying and making the most of their individual talents.’

So, expect a no-punches-pulled, but highly informed, and passionate advocacy of radical reform in education. And if you’re not living in the UK, you can see the movie, from next week, at its website.

Here’s the trailer:

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