‘We Seek Engagement’: Larry Rosenstock on What Makes Great Learning

‘Why does parental anxiety about Maths peak around 8th or 9th grade?’ ‘Do you really need to know how to subtract polynomials?’ ‘Who’s responsible for  2,000 kids in a High School? Somewhere between everybody and nobody’

How many great ideas about schooling can you fit into 10 minutes?

Click the video and find out for yourself.

Larry Rosnestock, CEO of the High Tech High Charter Schools in San Diego County, was special guest at the 2nd National Event for Learning Futures schools and their Headteachers. He talks, at great speed (it really is worth playing this a couple of times), about his own background, the founding philosophies and some of the challenges facing the  education system in trying to remain relevant in the 21st century. This is a 10 minute edit of a 90 minute session – more clips will be posted up on the Learning Futures website in due course.


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