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Our training offerings for organisations fall under two main categories:  Improvement Science Partnerships and The Open Organisation.

Improvement Science Partnerships

Deming quoteImprovement Science has been around for a long time – pioneered by the management genius, W.E. Deming. It has been used successfully in the aviation, automotive and healthcare industries and now the Improvement movement has finally reached education. It provides a different slant on innovation, offering an alternative to disruptive change, by supporting educators in ‘getting better at getting better’. Educational Arts are delighted to be one of the first training organisations in the UK and Australia to offer training in Improvement Science.

Despite the simplicity of the approach, spectacular results have been achieved, using improvement methodology:

  • In sport, Sky cycling’s boss Dave Brailsford championed the “aggregation of marginal gains”. Believing that if they only made

    Team Sky: “The aggregation of marginal gains”

    1% improvement in any given aspect of planning, but made enough gains across the board, they could win the Tour de France within five years. He was wrong – they won it in three years;

  • In some US hospitals mortality rates from severe sepsis have halved in less than three years, through a focus upon improvement methodologies;
  • Through adopting W.E. Deming’s improvement cycles, Japanese companies like Toyota and Sony came to rapidly dominate their markets.

We’re looking to partner with a small number of schools, clusters of schools, and administrations in creating open learning cultures through learning how to improve.  Educational Arts, and this website, continue to believe that engaging learners is key to their long-term chances in life. But engagement alone, isn’t enough. If you want to see how we can help you improve, click here.

The Open Organisation

After the rp_Open-Cover-211x300.pngsuccess of OPEN:How We’ll Work Live And Learn In The Future many organisations have asked us how to become more open. We have created a day-long workshop that puts the theories behind the book into practice.

Senior leaders in these sessions are asked to work on practical solutions to:

  • student (and staff) disengagement;
  • how to build social purpose within the organisation
  • how to create a culture of learning;
  • how to make innovation part of your DNA – not an ad-hoc event;
  • how to deal with learning and innovation ‘blockers’;
  • planning an open future.

If you’re trying to make your organisation fit for a more OPEN future, please contact us to discuss your needs



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