Deeper Learning Through Projects

New for 2016, Deeper Learning Through Projects is a practical, hands-on programme for learning organisations who have already embedded PBL within their culture, and now want to stretch their learners further and achieve higher quality results.

Both colleges and employers are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the narrow range of skills and dispositions that our current education systems are fostering. Some colleges are disregarding secondary-stage terminal exam results, and companies like Google and Ernst and Young are no longer interested in applicants degrees. Instead, they are insisting that applicants present their portfolio, of evidence of the so-called C-skills (critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration). As a result, many schools around the world are now introducing Project-Based Learning. But PBL can be done well, or badly. What makes the difference?

‘Deeper Learning’ is a way of thinking about projects, so that the key skills that students need in an increasingly competitive climate, are at the heart of your project designs and execution. Attendees will experience deeper learning from a learner’s perspective, through completing ‘slices’ of projects and through peer critique and review. Topics covered  (depending on the length of the workshop) will include:

  • It’s what you DO with what you know, that matters;Lazlo Bock Quote
  • Developing critical thinkers;
  • Deeper learning is a team sport;
  • Dialogical learning,
  • Engagement and depth through enterprise;
  • The learning disposition;
  • “Does it count?” Beyond assessment.

This programme can be delivered as a full two-day workshop (the preferred version) or, when circumstances dictate, as a one-day overview of Deeper Learning.

Please contact us, if you’re interested in going deeper through projects.

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