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Look Into My World

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Clare worked with Leeds Museums and Galleries to produce “Look Into My World’, an exhibition involving over 280 young people from 10 schools in Leeds.

The exhibition explored a wide variety of themes, led by the young people’s questions and ideas, from searching for the souls of dead animals to exploring identity and challenging stereotypes. A range of skills and techniques were used from printmaking and painting to sculpture, film and installation.

Clare designed and managed the project and worked closely with Leeds Art Gallery learning staff to implement the different elements of the programme. ‘Look Into My World’ began in September 2013, when young people aged 7 to 17, from six primary schools and four secondary schools enjoyed a special visit to Leeds City Museum and Leeds Art Gallery. Young people explored an exhibition at Leeds City Museum of work by international author and illustrator Anthony Browne and were inspired by the humorous and serious stories he portrayed. At the Art Gallery they investigated contemporary art and the way that artists work, they also experienced making sculptures together in groups.

Workshops in schools led by artists Kate Genever and Lou Sumray further developed imaginative ways of working. Young people were supported by their teachers and the artists to express their own ideas. Finished work was selected for both this exhibition and for ‘Satellite’ exhibitions close to each school, including at a doctor’s surgery and a professional gallery in a local mill.

Young people increased their confidence and creativity through their participation in this project and the artwork they made. The teachers involved also had the opportunity to develop new approaches in their classrooms.

‘Clare is one of the best freelance project managers I have worked with in over 10 years. She acted as a ‘critical friend’ for the project, whilst being incredibly well organised, politically sensitive and emotionally aware. She communicates effectively with everyone involved and can inject humour and a light touch just when it’s needed most. For Look Into My World she was a safe and trusted pairs of hands for a difficult multi-stranded project. Most of all, she made the project an enjoyable experience and I would happily work alongside her any day of the week!’ (Kate Fellows, Learning Manager, Leeds Museums and Galleries)

Participating primary schools: Allerton CE, Alwoodley, Holy Family Catholic, Ireland Wood, Pudsey Primrose Hill, Stanningley

Participating secondary schools: Benton Park, Brigshaw, Crawshaw, Guiseley

Project partners: Leeds Art Gallery, ArtForms, Leeds College of Art and Studio 12

Photography: David Lindsay

To read more about the project, please see this book created by Clare: LookIntoMyWorld

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