The Great Art Summit

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The Great Art Summit

Clare produced ‘The Great Art Summit’, an exciting regional event for Yorkshire and the Humber examining the ingredients of outstanding Art, Craft & Design education. The day demonstrated how teachers, artists and gallery educators can work together to create the conditions for all learners to flourish. The day was developed in partnership with Leeds Art Gallery, the Leeds Visual Art Network and the learning teams from the Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle Galleries.

Nearly 100 participants enjoyed a lively day where they experienced:

  • Practical gallery based creative activities, that were The Great Art Summit Flyer page 2easily applicableĀ to the classroom.
  • Presentations to increase understanding of learner progression in visual arts and how to develop independent learners in the classroom.
  • Workshops and practical ideas on how to generate and curate high quality exhibitions of student work.
  • Ways of building effective partnerships with galleries and artists to support teachers, artistsĀ and learners.
  • Sign-posting to resources, guidance and support beyond the day.

The day culminated in a facilitated drawing session to create a ‘Manifesto for Great Art’. Clare also commissioned artists Kate Genever and Lou Sumray to visually document the day.

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