More Veg On School Dinners!


I came across a great example of a student using blogging to improve her writing skills, and raise awareness of school nutrition at the same time.

Martha Payne (her Dad advised her to use a pseudonym, ‘veg’, but since she’s had her picture splashed all over the papers, there’s not much point in anonymity) is 9 years old and lives in Lochgilhpead, in Scotland. She has ambitions to become a journalist, so was encouraged by her father to start a blog on her schools dinners.

NeverSeconds features a daily report on what she had fur lunch, complete with photo, ratings, number of bites required, and piece of hair found (fortunately none so far). Some of the pictures show disturbingly small portions, but, in true investigative jouralism style, she’s already having an effect. Jamie Oliver has tweeted her, and her blog has since had over 100,00 visits in its first week, and already the quality of the food has improved!


Last Thursday’s post – after the school was no doubt taken to task over portion size and nutrition read:

‘I was a bit nervous going to school, but everyone was great, and I’m glad I haven’t upset anybody…. today’s Chicken Fajita was very nice and enjoyable. It was stuffed with salsa and served with garlic bread.I got sent back for salad as I missed it first time round.’

Yes, I bet you were, Martha.

A genuine win-win situation, and further proof of blogging’s power as an educational tool.

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